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Lao Rice Vermicelli Soup

Khao Poon in Savannakhet

A bowl of Lao Rice Vermicelli Soup (Khao Poon; ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນ) from a street food vendor for dinner, after a visit to Wat Pha That Phon Temple, in Savannakhet, Laos.

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koy khai mod daeng

Ant Egg Salad for lunch

Red Ant Egg Salad (Koy Khai Mod Daeng ກອ້ຍໄຂ່ມົດແດງ, Koy Khai Mod Som ກອ້ຍໄຂ່ມົດສົ້ມ) for lunch in Vientiane, Laos.

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Melon and Pandan Jelly Dessert

Melon and Pandan Jelly Dessert. Nam Varn Mak Taeng Kup Khao Lod Chong ( ນ້ຳຫວານໝາກແຕງ ກັບ ເຂົ້າລອດຈອງ; ເຂົ້າລອດຊ່ອງ ) in Vientiane, Laos.

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