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Hamachi Christmas Menu

I was under a weather last week and was not eating or drinking much of anything. For Christmas Dinner, I wanted to make Fish Fondue and was looking forward to a big pot of fish and vegetables. However, I was not recovering fast enough from my illness and was feeling quite weak a couple of …

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Dinner at Hamachi Restaurant in Schiedam

I had a really good dining experience at Hamachi Restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner last year and decided to go back for a second round of great food. I took Johan out for dinner on Sunday and tried the Sushi and Sashimi Menu. I chose Fried Tofu Soup and Selected Sashimi Menu while Johan chose Fried …

Hamachi Restaurant in Schiedam
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Hamachi Restaurant for Thanksgiving 2011

It’s another Thanksgiving holiday for me away from my family. I called my mother and asked about what she was preparing for the celebration. She asked me if I was going to make big feast for Thanksgiving dinner and I told her it will just be a dinner at a Japanese restaurant with a fish …

Asian Fusion Food
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11 11 11 Dinner at Asian Fusion Restaurant

Last year I didn’t do anything special for 10 10 10. For me, it was just another typical day and I went grocery shopping in Chinatown to stock up on ingredients for my favorite Lao food dishes. I made Lao green papaya salad for dinner and was just happy to stay home and watch TV.

lao food green papaya salad
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Green Papaya Salad at a beach in Zeeland

The weather in the Netherlands was quite warm toward the end of September and the beginning of October. It was so warm on the first weekend of October that many people were flocking to the beaches. I didn’t want to be inside and took advantage of the warm temperatures and packed my favorite snack and …

Citrus hystrix
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Kaffir Lime Tree

I used to be able to buy fresh kaffir lime leaves from a Chinese grocery store in Rotterdam. The kaffir lime leaves were imported from Thailand and the stock comes in twice a week. But recently I was not able to find any in stock. After checking the freezer section I found some frozen kind. …

Bubble Tea Lychee in Holland
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Bubble Tea in Holland

The first time I ever tasted Bubble Tea or Boba Tea was in the US when it was making a big wave across the country. My sister was the one who took me to a Chinese restaurant and introduced me to the drink. I’ve not been back to the US since 2006 and that was …

Yerseke Netherlands Mussels Festival
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Mussels Festival in Yerseke 2011

I’ve been having an extremely busy year and didn’t get to take a vacation yet. Before I knew it, summer was about over and I had to tell myself to get out and do something before winter gets here. Going through “The Green Guide” to the Netherlands I found out about the annual Mussels Festival …

Strawberry Tart - La Place Restaurant
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Lunch at La Place Restaurant in Rotterdam

I didn’t know I was such a picky eater until now. I walked around La Place Restaurant in the center of Rotterdam three times trying to find what I wanted to eat. The salad bar didn’t have what I wanted and the soup stand didn’t look too appealing to met. The sandwich area had mostly …

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Cappuccino and Carrot Cake at Trenta Secondi

I haven’t been dining out that much lately because it’s getting more expensive to even have a cup of coffee and tea at a cafe. A piece of cake at my favorite place is 3.20 Euros and I would rather save that for a good meal when I go to Laos. But now and then …

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Winter 2010

I woke up a something white on the ground yesterday morning. This is the third time we are getting decent snow but not enough for me to shovel the balcony. Since I came back from Laos, I had to shovel the snow once and it was a good exercise to shovel half of the walking …

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Waiting for a rain

This morning, I woke up to a cold and wet day. I’ve not seen the sun yet and with a couple of hours left before the sun (wherever it is) starts to set. Last Thursday, there was a bit of the sun smiling here and there and by 16:00 hour I saw something that was …

Hotel New York Restaurant Rotterdam
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Hotel New York Restaurant for Thanksgiving

This is my third Thanksgiving Dinner in the Netherlands and it was another meal without turkey and all the trimmings. My first Thanksgiving with Johan was in 2006 at Restaurant Zeezout. Then for our second Thanksgiving Dinner in 2007 it was at the recently opened Restaurant¬†Las Palmas. There was no Thanksgiving celebration in Holland 2008 …

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Carrot cake and fresh mint tea at Trenta Secondi

It’s my second trip for Koekela carrot cake with fresh mint tea at Trenta Secondi. I shouldn’t treat myself too much with sweet during the weekend or else I will have to buy my clothes one size up. But the good thing is that I walk everywhere since I don’t have a car. Next time …

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10 10 10 Lao Food

I bought one papaya from a Chinese grocery store in China Town on 10 10 10, it was no surprise to have Lao green papaya salad for dinner that night. I got a chance to test out Canon Ixus 100 HS at night time with not so much light in the kitchen. The photos turned …

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10 10 10 in Rotterdam

A short video clip of a typical day at the gate of China Town in Rotterdam on 10-10-10. It was just another weekend for me doing grocery shopping, stocking up on herbs and vegetables from Thailand and green papaya salad for my salad craving.