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Miang and Mee Koy Phan

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Miang Muang Luang and Mee Koy Phan for lunch in Luang Prabang, Laos. I bought these delicious tibits from my favorite street food vendor at Luang Prabang Night Market Street Food Alley.

Miang Muang Luang or Miang Khao is a Lao dish that features delicious bites of rice mixed with flavorful herbs and other ingredients. The dish is similar to the traditional “Miang” snack, but instead of using wild pepper leaves, it uses bites of cooked sticky rice crackers as the base for wrapping the flavorful ingredients.

Mee Koy Phan is a popular street food in Laos, especially in Luang Prabang. It consists of mashed eggplant mixed with herbs, spices, and sometimes minced pork or shrimp. The mixture is then wrapped in rice paper or lettuce leaves, creating a delicious and refreshing snack.

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