Phan Hoy Khaeng (Cockle Wraps) for dinner in Vientiane, Laos. My relatives got some cockles from Vietnam and decided to make Cockle Wraps for dinner. After the cockles have been blanched in hot water, they were wrapped in lettuce, topped with various herbs and Khao Poon (rice noodle), then dipped in Jeow Phan Pa (Fish Wrap Dipping Sauce).

hoy khaeng

lettuce herbs

herbs vegetables wraps

khao poon

jeow phan pa

cockles wrap

It was a delicious dinner for the entire family members to enjoy. Each person can cook the cockles to his or her liking. He or she gets a bowl of the dipping sauce and can season it to desired degree of spiciness (mild, medium, spicy, very spicy).