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Yerseke Netherlands Mussels Festival

Mussels Festival in Yerseke 2011

I’ve been having an extremely busy year and didn’t get to take a vacation yet. Before I knew it, summer was about over and I had to tell myself to get out and do something before winter gets here. Going through “The Green Guide” to the Netherlands I found out […]

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Strawberry Tart - La Place Restaurant

Lunch at La Place Restaurant in Rotterdam

I didn’t know I was such a picky eater until now. I walked around La Place Restaurant in the center of Rotterdam three times trying to find what I wanted to eat. The salad bar didn’t have what I wanted and the soup stand didn’t look too appealing to met. […]

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Rain before sunset

We had a beautiful weather on April 22 with weather forecast for 26 degrees, which translates into about 30 degrees in true temperature in the garden. It was nice and sunny all day but by the time I was making dinner I heard thunder and thought I was hearing things.

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Narcissus poeticus in April

A few photos of narcissus poeticus in full bloom taken on April 08, 2011 during my afternoon walk. If I have a house and a garden, I would grow these along with tulips and few other spring flowers. For now I have to make do with a few plants in […]

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