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Khmu New Year Baci Ceremony

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Khmu New Year Boun Pod Pi or Boun Krer at Khmu Village, Namkat Yorla Pa Resort highlights the richness and significance of the Khmu customs and traditions.

Boun Krer Festival: Boun Krer is the New Year festival of the Khmu tribe, and it has been practiced by their ancestors for many hundreds of years. The festival is held annually and is a time for the Khmu people to pay gratitude and respect to their ancestor Khoun Cheuang and their staple crops, particularly taro and root crops.

Processions and Customs: The festival commences with processions that reflect the customs and way of life of the Khmu people. These processions include various elements such as sword dancing, seedling with stick digging in the ground (may sak khaohay), drum beating, and gong hitting.

Baci Ceremony: A Baci ceremony is a significant part of the celebration. A bamboo tray filled with agricultural produce, khaotom (rice wrapped and boiled in banana leaves), sweets, and boiled chicken is decorated. The Baci ceremony is a symbol of well-wishing, respect, and blessings.

Traditional Performances: Traditional performances, such as Cheum-Khmu traditional song singing and Khene sound playing, are enjoyed during the event. Traditional dances, especially Phorn Lai Gnao, are showcased, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Connection to Harvest and Well-being: The Krer celebration is closely connected to the production and well-being of the Khmu people. The quality of the celebration is influenced by factors like a good harvest and improved living conditions.

The Boun Krer festival holds immense cultural and social significance for the Khmu people, serving as a time of unity, gratitude, and hope for the future. It represents their strong ties to their ancestral heritage and the agricultural practices that sustain their community. The event also showcases the efforts to preserve and continue their traditional customs and identity in the face of changing times.

Khmu New Year Procession
Khmu New Year at Namkat Yorla Pa

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