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5th Breakfast at Namkat Yorla Pa

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Breakfast at Namkat Yorla Pa Resort’s restaurant terrace was a delightful and satisfying experience, with a selection of delicious Lao food and a beautiful view of nature.

Lao Sausage (Sai Ua): Sai Ua is a flavorful and aromatic Lao sausage made with minced pork, herbs, and spices, such as lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and chili. It is a popular and savory dish that embodies the unique tastes of Lao cuisine.

Pork Jerky: Lao-style pork jerky is a delicious and tender meat snack that is marinated with a blend of savory and sweet seasonings before being dried or grilled. It’s a flavorful addition to my breakfast spread.

Chili Dipping Sauce: The chili dipping sauce provides a spicy and tangy element to enhance the flavors of the dishes. It’s a common condiment in Lao cuisine, and it pairs perfectly with the sausages and jerky.

Hard Boiled Egg: A simple and nutritious addition the breakfast, hard-boiled eggs provide a good source of protein.

Steamed Sticky Rice: Sticky rice is a staple in Lao cuisine and is enjoyed with many dishes. It has a chewy and slightly sweet texture that complements the other flavors on the plate.

Cappuccino and Latte: To accompany the Lao breakfast, I have the option to enjoy some classic coffee choices like cappuccino and latte. These hot beverages provided a comforting and energizing start to my day.

Namkat Yorla Pa Swimming Pool Main Reception Area
Khmu New Year Procession

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