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Students Dannavieng Elementary finished their first year year at the newly built school earlier this month. The incomplete school was being used to its full extent.

Even with dirt floor, the students were happy to be inside holding classes. They spent many months under the shade while the construction was going on last year. The roof was completed earlier than expected, thanks in large part for the generosity from Friends of the NLL, Laocook, and Nye Noona.

As a result, the students were able to start their classes on time, in their new school. They didn’t have to wait too long for a new water pump to be installed and a new restroom built. These two projects were made possible with additional funding from Friends of the NLL and Nye Noona. It would have taken many months longer to complete the two projects since they have limited fund and would have to wait for additional collection from the villages.

As you can see from the photos above, there was an urgent need for a new school with growing class sizes. With lack of budget, every kips count and the old building is still being utilized to the best of its capacity (with missing spaces on the walls).

The new Dannavieng Elementary school is not quite 100% completed. At the moment, the school is missing the doors, the windows, and of course the concrete floor. The ceilings and the walls are still needed to work on. But even at this state of the condition, the students, parents, and the entire community are happy and grateful to have a new school. They sent their blessings and gratitude to the generous contributors half the world away and waiting for the arrivals of their donors on the opening ceremony of the school. When the school is completed, you will know the date so you can all be there for the Baci ceremony and the ribbon cutting time.

After completing the fifth year of their study, the students from Dannavieng Elementary school will have to cross the street to attend Dong Yang Middle school.

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