Dannavieng Book Box Library update

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On March 19, 2007, Dannavieng Elementary School received a book box library from us (in the name back then). It has been a little over a year now since the students have been enjoying their books. Thanks to the supporters of the school building project, they now have a new library (reading room) to store their book box.

The library is also used as a teacher’s lounge and an administrative office. The book box is in a safe place since the library has windows and a locked door while the rest of the building are still waiting for windows and doors to be installed. The book box library is shared by the entire student body from the first grade to the fifth grade. There are various topics to match all elevels of the students.

As you can see in the photos, There is an older book box library, donated by a former villager during a visit to his hometown, many years ago.

The children at Dannavieng Elementary School sent their big warm Sabaidee “hello” and a word of thank you to all the supporters of the book box library project. You have given them the “gift of knowledge” and they are very grateful for that.

These first grade students are not shy when it comes to checking out their favorite books to read. Thanks to a book box library, they have a good start for a better future.

Thank you once again to all the supporters of the Book Box Fund. You have given these children the power of knowledge.

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