NongDong Elementary School in Champassak

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NongDong Elementary School is located in Muang Phone Thong, Khang Champassak, not too far from the Lao/Thai border. The name is special to us because we (members and visitors) to the site (formerly Laoplanet) donated a book box library to the school in March of last year.

We now have updated photos from NongDong Elementary School. Just look at the happy faces of the students. They now have a new school, which started the construction at the same time as Dannavieng Elementary School.

From the few photos you can see the younger students sitting on the floor because they don’t have enough tables and chairs. That doesn’t stop them from learning and we are happy to to know that we were able to help them with a book box library so they can have fun reading materials.

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  1. Thanks for the update Darly.  I love the little blue & white uniform they’re wearing.  And I’m glad they have the chance to read good Lao stories with their new books now.

    I wonder if the children get to learn English, French, or even Chinese?  Probably not, as it would seem difficult to recruit the teachers in this area.  I know kids in Vientiane are learning more then just Lao.  Being multilingual in this day and age can really come in handy.