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Phu That Pagoda Oudomxay Laos

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The Phu That Stupa in Oudomxay, Laos, is a significant historical and religious site with a fascinating past. It was originally built in the 14th century to bring people together for religious festivals and celebrations. However, during the French colonial era, the area was turned into a war camp, and the stupa suffered damage during the first Vietnamese war.

Thankfully, reconstruction efforts started in 1994 and were completed three years later, restoring the stupa to its former glory. Now, the Phu That Stupa stands tall at 18 meters high, serving as a symbol of Oudomxay Province. It offers a stunning view of the town and its surroundings, especially during sunset when the stupa and a golden, 15-meter-high Buddha statue atop Phou That shine brightly.

The religious significance of the stupa remains strong, and on every full moon day, religious celebrations are held there. The nearby temple’s monks are known for their welcoming attitude towards foreigners, happy to engage in conversations and practice their English.

Visiting the Phu That Stupa is a must for anyone exploring Oudomxay. The historical significance, the breathtaking view, and the religious atmosphere make it a truly enriching experience. It’s a place where you can appreciate the cultural heritage and spiritual traditions of Laos while enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

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