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Dinner at Capitol Residence Vientiane

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Vietnamese Food for dinner, take-out from ແໜມເນືອງ ສີຫອມ (Nemsihom) Nemnueng Sihom, brought to me by my cousin in Vientiane, Laos. She came to visit me with her daughter at Capitol Residence Serviced Apartment before my flight to Bangkok, Thailand, the next morning.

She bought my favourite Vietnamese Dish, Nem Noung, along with fried egg rolls, and fried spring rolls.

It was a delightful evening filled with delicious food and heartwarming reunions! Nem Noung (also known as Nem Nuong) is a popular Vietnamese dish, especially as a grilled pork sausage or meatball. The addition of fried egg rolls and fried spring rolls have made for a scrumptious and satisfying dinner.

It’s wonderful that I was able to spend time with my cousin and her daughter. I haven’t seen her for three years and a great deal have changed with new addition to the family. Reconnecting with loved ones after such a long time is always a special and cherished moment and the main reason I go to Laos, whenever possible to visit family and friends.

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Capitol Residence

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