Book Box at Phonsikhay Elementary update

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We have updated photos from Phonsikhay Elementary School in Pakse. The school was one of the four schools that received a book box in March of 2007. Our first four book boxes (from 2004 to 2006) were sent to schools in the northern province of Laos by a process of random selection.

This year we were given an option of where to send our four book boxes. We sent three of the book boxes to Champassack Province and one to a school in Vientiane Province.

Since the new term has started in September, the students at Phonsikhay Elementary School have been taking advantage of their book box. Teachers and students have sent their regards and thanks for sending them the “gift of knowledge.”

Please check out more photos of Book Box at Phonsikhay Elementary School. These photos were taken on September 28, 2007.

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  1. Those are beautiful photos; it’s a beautiful sight to see young children reading books, a sign of better things to come.

  2. Great to see all the shiny happy faces of school kids.  Is there a way for us to see a list of the book titles (from the Book Fund)?  That would be nice to see.   I also wonder why type of books they enjoy reading the most.

  3. Hi Salat,

    I have a list of the books from the National Library of Laos and can scan it for you. Not sure if there is a survey to see what are the most favorite books the students like to read. But that would be a good research project for someone to start on.

  4. Hi Salat,

    I just called my cousin Mo in Laos and asked him to go to the school to take photos of the books, cover by cover tomorrow or the next day.

    Now I am going to go scan the list of the books for you and will be back later.

  5. Hi Darly, thanks the list of book names.  Too bad I can’t read Lao.   But you did translated a few titles for me. 🙂
    I was mainly wondering if the books were in English.  But they are Lao books, published in Laos.  I thought maybe having a few English books would be nice.  That way they can visit us at Lao Voices.
    Some of my favorite children’s book are “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Ugly Duckling”.

  6. Hi Salat,

    There are a few English books for beginners on the list, level 1 to 4. Tomorrow my cousin Mo will go to this school and take pictures of the books for us. When I get them I will post them and put the titles in English if I can translate them.

    There is an a school near by that offers English course so I am sure by the time these kids are in middle school or high school, some of them will be taking a night course and maybe someday they will be Lao Voices members.