Dannavieng’s school building project updated news

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Earlier today I received photos and updated information about the school building project at Bane Dannavieng, in Champassack Province. The new elementary school is not quite completed but has made a big progress thanks to the contributors to the project.

The school now has a roof over the 8×50 meters building, which will hold 6 classrooms to be utilized for many years to come. At present, the piles of red dirt you see in the photos will be used as the floor foundation.

Below are photos from the school’s officials with a note of big THANK YOU, to all who made this possible.

Written on the back of the photo 1: “Students from the elementary school gathered together for a photo while the roof was being put on. They are very proud and happy of their new school with un-founded words to compare the feelings to. Thank you“.

Written on the back of the photo 2: “The school board and project committee, along with the students from the elementary school posed together with Phor Yai (big father), who is the chief of the village, leading Look Larn Thook Khon“.

From the back of the photo 3: “All the people involved in the school building project with Phor Yai, the village’s chief and the teachers“.

The new elementary school with completed roof. There is still a lot of to be done before the school is completed (putting down the floor, adding windows, doors, ceiling, and paneling, etcetera).

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