We have an update on our book box fund project for you. A happy news before the end of the year. Our 9th book box, full of fun and interesting reading materials has been delivered to Houay Laou Elementary school in Pakse, Champassak province.

Thanks to the generous support of Nye Noona ($100) and the Friends of the National Library of Laos ($100), the students at Ban Houay Laou has their first book box library ever in the history of the village.

Please check out more photos of the book box delivery to Houay Laou Elementary school below.

Ban Houay Laou is next door to Ban Phonsikhay and is more modern and has access to running water. But from the photos posted, Houay Laou Elementary school is not much better than that of Phonsikhay Elementary. There used to be four buildings on the school ground but two buildings have been torn down because they were eaten by termites.

With no funding and no possibility of constructing a new building, these students have to make the best of what they got. Some of the parents at Ban Houay Laou would shuttle their kids to a school at another village, which is closer to the center of Pakse. The students you see are the ones left behind because their parents don’t have enough money to buy a motorbike to take them to a better school.

The parents and students are grateful and happy to know there are people outside Laos that care a great deal about them. They sent their big Thanks and warm regards. The students at Houay Laou Elementary school are eager to learn and you can see their enthusiasm as they surrounded the book box, trying to get a piece of the action.