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Namkhan Ecolodge

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Namkhan Ecolodge is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a natural and sustainable retreat in Luang Prabang, Laos. It emphasizes eco-farming, local culture, and a variety of outdoor activities to immerse guests in the beauty of the surroundings.

Here are some of the facilities and activities offered at Namkhan Ecolodge:

Facilitates Gallery: The lodge is located along the NamKhan river and offers traditional Lao bungalows surrounded by gardens and greenhouses. Guests can enjoy a close connection to nature while still having access to modern amenities.

Yoga & Meditation Center: A tranquil pavilion amidst beautiful nature provides a perfect setting for yoga, Chi-Kung, and meditation classes. It’s a space where guests can destress, strengthen their bodies, and find inner peace.

The Farm Table: The lodge offers healthy and organic food, including Lao dishes and western cuisine, most of which is sourced directly from their eco-farm.

The Library Café: A place with a panoramic view of the Namkhan river where guests can relax and enjoy homemade products from the farm.

Eco-Farm: An operational organic farm that produces a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and seeds, following organic and traditional Lao permaculture practices.

Stable & Equestrian Center: Guests can enjoy horseback rides and discover traditional Hmong Horses at the stables, with pony rides supervised by qualified instructors.

Massage Area: A tranquil open space near the swimming pool and waterfall, where guests can indulge in therapeutic treatments for relaxation.

Swimming Pool: An outdoor saltwater pool nestled in a tropical garden, providing a refreshing spot for guests to cool off and relax.

Outdoor Playground Areas: Playgrounds situated by the NamKhan River, offering a space for creativity, relaxation, and socializing.

BBQ Huts: Located by the Khan river, where guests can enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by nature and savor Lao barbecue.

Trails/Outdoor Gym: Marked hiking and jogging trails allow guests to explore the natural beauty of the NamKhan Project.

Island and Gardens: A small island and garden surrounded by the Namkhan River, providing a picturesque spot for leisurely strolls.

Overall, Namkhan Ecolodge offers a diverse range of activities and experiences for guests, allowing them to reconnect with nature, learn about the local culture, and enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly stay in Luang Prabang.

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