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Lao fried rice balls
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Lao Crispy Rice Salad

Aunt Phone is teaching my two cousins on how to make Nam Khao Tod, which is known in the English language as Lao Crispy Rice Salad, Lao Fried Rice Ball Salad, or Lao Fried Rice Ball and Sour Pork Salad, to name a few. This is a very simple version […]

Lao Recipes

How to Make Larb Pa Tong

I was on the phone with Aunt Phone a couple of weeks ago and she was about to make dinner. Aunt Phone just finished filleting Pa Tong (Spotted featherback, Notopterus chitala) and will be making Larb Pa Tong (Fish Tartare) in a couple of hours. I asked her to make […]

lao stew
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Or Lam

I wanted to know how to make Or Lam (ເອາະຫຼາມ; เอาะหลาม; Lao stew) so I asked my two aunts in Vientiane to show me how to make it. One of my aunts said there is no fixed recipe for making Or Lam and one can adjust the vegetables and mushrooms […]