Donating Water Dispenser at Akat Elementary

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When the superintendent of Akat Elementary School hear from my aunt that I was coming to Laos in February to March of 2010, she made a request through my aunt for additional help with the school. Since I donated a fan to the Reading Room last year for Valentine’s Day, the superintendent asked if I would be kind enough to buy a Water Dispenser for Akat Elementary’s Reading Room. The school only has one water dispenser so students don’t have to bring bottle of water from home. The superintendent asked the parents of the students to pay a small annual fee for a local company to bring water to the school as needed.

Having a Water Dispenser for the Reading Room will make it easier for students to spend their activity time reading their books from our Book Box Library or doing arts and crafts and not have to walk to the other building for a glass of water.

I made a visit to Akat Elementary School on March 05, 2010 and spent some time with the students during their activity period. The superintendent and my aunt took me to Sikhay Market to purchase a water dispenser. They selected Sharp Water Dispenser with cold and hot features which will come in handy during the winter months. I decided to buy some sporting equipment like footballs, volley balls, and jump ropes for the students at Akat Elementary School as well as for Wattay Noi Elementary School. Now the students can have more fun and active time during their recess.

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  1. That’s a good cause. By the way, I attended this school from Grade 3-5. Thanks so much for your generosity.

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