Vietnam Restaurant

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I decided to have lunch at Vietnam Restaurant that I found by accident the day before. A big bowl of pho (fer) gave me enough energy to last the entire afternoon. It was not quite like the pho that I am used to in Paris or in Amsterdam but it was delicious and good enough for 7.50 Euros, cheaper than here or in Paris, with less stuff of course. The next time I am in Berlin, I will look for more Vietnamese restaurants and have a big feast.


One thing I noticed about Berlin is the diversity in food you can find and how easily one can locate an Asian restaurant, even at a train station. To have a Thai restaurant or just Asia Restaurant on the go next to McDonald’s and Burger King at a metro station is something that can’t be taken for granted. I am not a big fan of hamburger so it’s not a tough choice to make when I can just have sushi or noodles on the go. To simply put, I just love Berlin.

Brandenburger Tor
Berliner Fernsehturm

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