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T-Shirts by Lay

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I am back finally. I didn’t have access to the net 24/7 for a couple of weeks. Then after I got back I’ve been fighting a nasty summer flu plus allergy attacks. You didn’t miss much of anything. My life is not that exciting. What do you expect from a mouse potato like me?

A few weeks ago I found a package in the mail box, sent to me by Lay. I was so happy to have found some cool t-shirts designed by Lay himself. Here are some few pics I took of the t-shirts. Sorry for the wrinkles because I took the pics when I came back to the flat to check on the bathroom work and didn’t have my good iron with me.

Don’t laugh at the model please.

DJ with T-shrits by Lay

T-shirts sample colors

T-shirts by Lay

T-shirts by Lay

Designed by Lay

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