Saturday Morning at Dannavieng Elementary

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It was a few minutes after 9:00 AM when I headed back to the house and told my Aa that I would be walking to Dannavieng Elementary School to take some more photos. The temperature was rising fast and my Aa told me it would be 40 degree Celcius or higher today. I put on my shades and went off to the school to make more photos and video clips.

I was only at the school for 30 minutes and had to leave because I was not feeling well at all. Between the coughing, the fever and the dizziness I was experiencing I didn’t want to pass out all alone in the middle of the school. It was so dusty and dirty there I couldn’t believe the students are able to carry on their daily lessons without any fuss. The preschool’s classroom was in worse condition today because of all the red muddy water from yesterday’s rain. What you see is what you get and there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

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