Phonsikhay Elementary School

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I got on the moped with no helmet and went to Phonsikhay Elementary School. We took the back road, which is a new road between Ban Houaylao and Ban Phonsikhay. Since Pakse Airport is expanding all the way to Ban Phonsikhay a new road was made to connect Ban Houaylao to the main road.

I only spent half and hour with the superintendent of the school, the teacher that is responsible for the reading program and the book box library, and the students. After asking the superintendent’s permission to come back to the school in November with one of the donor (Nye Noona) I went to join the students during their 11:00 AM break.

Uncle Khao asked the teacher to walk me to the house of Aunt Phone’s brother so he can go do buy tum maak houng for lunch. I wanted to stay longer and take more photos and clips but the teacher was waiting for me and I asked her when the students will take their lunch break and she told me the students pai phak phone thorn thieng (go home for long break at noon time). I told her that is the same as Houaylao Elementary School but in Vientiane at Akat Elementary School, they go home for lunch at 11:30 AM.

We left the school at 11:09 AM and by 11:11 AM I was at the house due to taking short cut through people’s houses. I invited the teacher for lunch and thanked her for showing me around the school and for walking me to the house.

Last visit to Houaylao Elementary School
Houaylao Elementary School

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