On August 13, 2006, it was time to head back to the Netherlands. Vienne took me to the Asiatic House to say good bye to some of the A Team members. I was treated to a good old Lao dishes, with Laap Moo, Tum Maak Houng and Ping Kai, served with warm sticky rice. It was a perfect meal before heading to the airport. The week has gone by so quickly and I must depart and get back to the colder NL climate. Until next time the A Team.

Laap Moo

Laap Moo

green papaya salad

Lao chicken BBQ and laap moo

Lao chicken BBQ

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

At 23:41 hour I was back at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. It’s hard to believe at a couple of hours earlier I was in the sunny and warm Spain.