Lao Cuisine: The Next Generation

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As an avid fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation I have to admit Chef Vienne (Iron Chef Lao) resembles Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise.

No, it has nothing to do with the fact that Chef Vienne is sporting a new hair style that is similar to Captain Picard’s shaved head.

With a group of brave men and yes women too, The Lao Cook Team is taking Lao Cuisine to a whole new frontier and “to boldly go” where no Lao Chefs or Lao Cooks have gone before.

The Lao Cook Team is creating a New Style Lao Recipes. What’s that? A lot of us don’t have a clue as to what New Style Lao Cuisine is. Don’t worry, we will find it out soon enough.

New Style means a new interpretation of a dish. Laotian cuisine is very adaptable to its environment. Many Lao living away from home have added new ingredients to old Laotian favourites, perhaps due to the lack of traditional ingredients or certain herbs and spices, or perhaps due to Adventurism, of not being confined by rules and structures, or to simply say, “To boldly go”

New Style Larb Beef

Aw Lam (Lao Stew)

Pon Pla

Kanom Chun or Layered Desert

I believe there is more to Lao (Laotian) Cuisine than padeak (fermented fish sauce) and tum maak houng (papaya salad).

I’m very excited about the future of Lao Cuisine. The Lao Cook Team is not bound by any set of rules. They are returning to their roots, taking their favourite dish and go with it.

Lao Cook’s Recipes are a reflection of the diversity and ingenuity of the Lao Cook Team. The imaginative dishes speak for themselves.

I’m proud to say New Style Lao Cuisine is truly a fusion of East and West with elegance and subtlety.

Tasting Menu at the Asiatic Restaurant
Ready for Spain

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