Houay Laou Elementary School now has electricity

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On October 17, 2008, I made my third and last visit to Houaylao Elementary School to hand over $200 that was requested by the teachers for installing electricity at the school.

During my second visit to Houaylao school, the teachers informed me of how little they have in terms of annual budget. They don’t even have the resource to complete the school and still looking for assistance so they can add windows, doors, and give some finishing touches to the school. What they needed the most though was electricity, because without it teaching and learning can be quite harsh during the warm months. It is also difficult to see in the early hours of school during the cloudy days.

I told the teachers and the superintendent that I would help pay for pulling the electricity line to the school. It would cost about $200 and that is at a low amount because the teachers knew a parent who works at the electricity plant and will ask for the necessary supplies and request certain fees are waived.

In addition, I gave $50 that was donated by Ai Amphone to the school so they can buy some fans for the upcoming warm months. It can get rather hot in Pakse before Lao New Year and the temperature is almost unbearable. Now the students can cool down a bit and can focuss on their lessons without being distracted too much by the heat.

The teachers and students all sent their big note of thank you to Ai Amphone and invited him to drop by whenever he is in Pakse so they can meet him and thank him personally for his generosity.

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