Dannavieng Elementary School has a new name

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Dannavieng Elementary School is now officially known as Dong Yang Elementary School. Ban Dannavieng was listed as a village under Khoum 4 Dong Yang, Muang Phonethong, Champasak Province.

Now, it has been merged with another village by the name of Ban Dong Yang.

As a result, Dannavieng Elementary School has a new name and a new sign to go with it. It is now Dong Yang Elementary School to match Dong Yang Middle School, locates on the other side of the street.

The above photos were taken by my aunt from Vientiane last month. She went by the school on February 06, 2009 to pick up a charitable donation receipt for the donors, (Nye Noona and Friends of the NLL) of the School Building Project from a chief school administrator.

While waiting for the official paperwork to be done, she spent sometime with the students during their break. Since Wat Phou Festival was being held at the time of her visit, the school was all dressed up with flags to honor the biggest festival of Champasak Province.

Houaylao Elementary School
A visit to Akat Elementary School

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