Having Yum Salad (ຍຳສະຫຼັດ; ຍຳຜັກສະຫຼັດ) for dinner. This is a salad with egg and chicken dressing over lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, coriander, and shallot.

lao salad

The egg and chicken dressing is quite simple to make. I cooked one sliced chicken breast with two tablespoons of oil with garlic. Then I added some water, egg yolks from five hard boiled eggs, season with salt, sugar, fish sauce, and soy sauce.

lao salad dressing

After waiting for the dressing to cool down, I added lime juice and sliced egg whites. The dressing is then poured over the salad ingredients and gently mix together. Yum Salad is quite refreshing and delicious with plenty of roasted unsalted peanuts on top.

lao salad

I don’t use measuring tools and didn’t take any cooking lesson. So, it’s play by ear and adding a bit of this and a bit of that until I like the taste of the food.