lunch in Vientiane

Young Sticky Rice for Dessert

Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables with pork ( Khua Phak Ruam; ຂົ້ວຜັກລວມ ) and Grilled Pickled Fish ( Ping Som Pa; ປີ້ງສົ້ມປາ ) for lunch in Vientiane, Laos.

Stir fry mixed vegetables

stir fry mixed vegetables

pickled fish

pickled fish

young sticky rice ເຂົ້າເໝົ້າ; ເຂົ້າເຫມົ້າ

young sticky rice ເຂົ້າເໝົ້າ; ເຂົ້າເຫມົ້າ

For dessert, it was Young Sticky Rice ( Khao Mao; ເຂົ້າເໝົ້າ; ເຂົ້າເຫມົ້າ ) with shredded Young Coconut Meat.

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