I often walk past the windmill museum in Leiden on my way to the Leiden University Internationl Student Office, the Student Plexus, the Faculty of Arts, or the University Botanical Garden. On this particular Friday I noticed some ducks, well at least that’s what I thought they were hanging around the historical windmill. I decided to join them and tried my best to not step on their poops, wearing a long white skirts and all.

It was quite windy that afternoon and the weather was a bit crazy with the rain coming and going whenever it pleases. I was not paying attention to the wind until I realized the water was getting on my brand new camera lense. I was too busy trying to capture the friendly animals and looking for water lily to show Nye. In the end I was determined to finish my walk and turn off my camera when I felt there was too much rain to handle.



  1. Wow these are great pics for a compact cam 😉

  2. I believed they are geese, ducks are aquatic birds, mostly smaller than their relatives the geese and swans (I learned all this from my post “Duck, Goose, and Swan”, everything used to be duck to me also 🙂  )  The water lily is the same breed as mine, it’s real pretty.  The sky looks calm with the cloud, I can’t believe the weather changes that fast over there, I would wear rain coat all the time.

  3. Hey there Padek,

    Yes, it was a good investment. Next time you’re in Leiden we can have a bike race. 🙂

  4. Thanks Nye,

    I thought they were geese but they have such short neck, unlike my geese in Vientiane. I know what swans look like since I see them all the time here so to me it was either duck or swan, lol.

    This summer we are having crazy weather. A few years ago it was like 44 degrees here and we were baking in the oven, sort of and everyone would be at the beach. Last summer it was not that warm either, not for a few weeks. This weekend should be warm enough for me to try biking to the beach.

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