After Boun Ok Phansa or the End of Buddhist Lent, it’s wedding season in Laos. There were so many wedding invitations between the month of February and March that I lost count. One of my aunts had five weddings to attend on this particular night. We made a joke on how she can spend 10 minutes at a wedding if she wants to make it to all the weddings.

Wedding in Laos

I attended the wedding as part of the host’s family. It was a night to remember at the wedding reception held at Cosmo Hotel. The guests of the bride and groom came from various countries to witness the joyful event. A traditional Lao wedding ceremony was held at the bride’s house in the morning followed by a modern wedding reception at a fancy hotel with Chinese food on the menu. There was no beer served at the reception and the only type of alcohol was Johnny Walker. It’s a trend to serve such liquor at a wedding or party in Laos.

After the reception we all went to the bride’s house to celebrate some more with pho and green papaya salad. Many guests kept the place warm for the bride and groom by staying up with them until the sun comes up.