Last month was a busy time for Aunt Kiane and Aunt Phone because they had to attend several weddings in Laos. Two of the relatives also held wedding on one weekend (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) so everyone had to help out the best they can with setting up the food for the reception after the Baci ceremony.

On this beautiful Saturday, it was a wedding of Uncle Khao’s niece. The bride’s parents passed away when she was very young and a relative on her mother’s side adopted her. The groom’s parents also passed away when he was very young and he was adopted by a relative. Now they will begin a new life together.

Here comes the groom.

Wedding in Laos

Beautiful Lao girls all dressed up and ready to party.

Bee Bee on the right at the wedding.

Wedding in Laos

I wonder what the head and feet of the pig is for…

Only a Lao wedding that the guests get to see the bedroom of the bride and groom.

The bride with Aae, Bee Bee and Aunt Phone.

The bride with Aunt Phone and Uncle Khao and other guests.

Even Sidney was all dressed up for the special occasion.

May the bride and groom have a long and happy life together with lots of children and grandchildren.