The storm is coming and you can’t out run it or find a place to hide. You just have to stand up and weather the storm. Who knows there might be a beautiful rainbow at the end of a rain.

Mekong River in Pakse

Mekong River in Pakse

flower in Pakse

flower in Pakse



  1. Darly, absolutely beautiful pictures! Did you take it yourself? Looks very professional!

  2. Hi Karmadiva,

    Thanks for the praise but I can’t take the credit for taking the pictures. I bought the camera and sent it to my cousin Mo in Pakse, then gave him lessons over the phone on how to use the camera and how to improve his skills. He’s a fast learner since the second batch of photos (this set) turned out a lot better than the first one.

  3. I am assuming it is a digital camera. How does he send the pictures to you? dial-up? high-speed connection at internet cafe?

  4. Hi DL,

    Only you would ask such a question. 😛 Yes, it is a digital camera. One sent to Pakse, the other sent to Vientiane so we can have Boun That Luang pictures. I also sent him two 2G USB stick so he can download pictures and send them to me using the bubble envelops I have provided on a regular basis. The fees for sending the pics have been included in the money I sent on a regular basis.

    For Vientiane, there are two SD cards so one can be sent while the other is in the camera. Same thing with bubble envelops to protect the card.

    It’s not cheap trying to have your relatives take pictures for me. But since I send them clothes and money and medicines and everything else almost monthly, why not ask them to do a little work too? It’s fair in the end I think. 🙂

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