After spending enough time at Ban Nong Hoy we headed off to Wat Chom Phet. The road to the temple was more rough with so much rocks on the ground. We felt so relief when we finally hit the main road which has been recently paved leading to Wat Chom Phet.

Wat Chom Phet is quite beautiful thanks to the generous donations from the former villagers who are living abroad in the USA. It is well known to the people in the area of the dedication and commitment of these villagers that came back to visit their hometown to rebuild the temple and expanding the temple. As you can see the new Sim is being built and you can see it in the distance many kilometers away.

As fate would have it we met a couple of Mair Khao that are receiving guests at the temple and they know Aunt Phone as well as Grand-Mama and the quick visit to the temple turned out to be a reunion.