I went to Laos in October for one main reason, that was to take part in the End of Buddhist Lent celebration or Boun Ok Phansa. I didn’t get much sleep due to time differences and excitement. By 4:00 AM on the day of Boun Ok Phansa, I was on the main street of Luang Prabang, observing and talking to the people.

I was not alone of course and there were a few Farang tourists roaming the streets and taking photos already. It was nice and breezy in the early hour but I was dressed for warmth with scarf and my silk top and skirt, just like any other Lao person in their best clothes for a special day.

The first photo I took was at 4:12 AM. It was a beautiful sight to see in person. There was a team of people setting up an area for tourists to make offerings to the monks. It’s a usual practice for a tourist company to stake out an area along the wall of Vat Sene for a group of tourists and more since this is the famous spot where the majority of tourists would come take photos or give alms.