After a couple of hours hanging out at the internet cafe by Namphou fountain area it was time for me to get home for dinner. Uncle Khao came to pick me up and I asked him to take me to Namphou fountain so I can check and see if the water fountain is turned on. We then went to Patouxay and spent a few minutes there before the water fountain was turned off ahead of the schedule. Uncle Khao then dropped me off at the house and went to pick up the kids while Aunt Phone, Khek and I started dinner since it was almost 8:30 PM already.

Driving to Patouxay

Patouxay at night time

I went to my room after dinner to organize the photos and clips I made for the day and to gather my thought. I couldn’t sleep since I was thinking about Aunt Kian and Grand-Mama. I told myself to get ready for what ever is coming and reassured myself that no matter what I was meant to be in Laos at that moment and at that time.