I went back to Vang Vieng Organic Farm Shop at Vangthong Night Plaza or 450 Year Market in Vientiane, Laos on the morning of my last day in Laos. The shopping was mostly for relatives in the US with their requests for me to bring back gift items for them. I was able to bring back so much to the Netherlands with 20KG limit of suitcase plus 5KG with carry-on bag with mostly my clothes and Lao stamps.

I am a big fan of organic products and very happy to support Vang Vieng Organic Farm Shop. This particular shop in Vientiane is an authorized distributor for Vang Vieng Organic Farm’s Brand Food Production. Along with selling various organic cotton and Lao silk fabrics, the owner also designs clothes with a modern style. You can select your own fabric and have a custom made blouse to match your Lao silk skirt, a shirt for a man, a jacket, or a dress.

If you are ever in Vientiane and want to check out Vang Vieng Organic Farm Shop, please make a visit to Vientiane 450 Year Market or Vangthong Night Plaza, Building 2, Room 2, 1st Floor.

You can also contact the owner Ms. Champa at (856-21) 215157 or mobile at (856-20) 55522-002.

What’s available at Vang Vieng Organic Farm Shop:

    1. Mulberry leaves tea
    2. Silkworm excrement tea
    3. Just mild leaves team
    4. Sun bake banana
    5. Sun bake star fruit
    6. Goat cheese
    7. Banana liquor
    8. Mulberry liquor
    9. Star fruit liquor
    10. Silk fabric, scarf, Lao silk skirt, handbags, ties, purses, table cloth, and various souvenirs items.