I love to eat green mango as a little kid in Laos. There were a few of mango trees growing at my grandfather’s house. During mango season my friends and I would take turn climbing the mango tree and picking out the best mangoes we could find. Then we would wash them, slice them up, let them soak in water for awhile to get rid of the sticky glue from the sap.

Of course our mango tree climbing didn’t go un-notice and our parents didn’t like the idea of us kids going up the tree without any adult supervision or permission for that matter. We then had to find a bambo pole strong and long enough to reach the lowest branch of the tree where we could get our green mangos for snack. Now and then I would be the one brave enough to sneak up the mango tree when the pole couldn’t reach for its fruits while my friends were on the look out for any adult to walk by.

We either eat the green mango with spicy sauce, made from fish sauce or padeak, sugar, toasted rice, shallots, and chili peppers or make som tum.Whenever I can find newly arrived green mangos at the local grocery store, I tend to stock up a few of them and treat myself to a hot and spicy Tum Green Mango. I even tried to eat it with various vegetables as an experiment.