The last time I was at Keukenhof (The Garden of Europe) was in 2009. I wanted to visit the spring garden again this year but the weather has been rather cold with no signs of real spring temperatures. Keukenhof officially opened from 21 March to 20 May for 2013. I waited and waited for a nice and sunny day so I can take full enjoyment of the tulips and other flowers. With so many cold and rainy days even in the month of May, I thought to wait until the last week of the season to visit the garden.

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With no sun in sight today, I decided to wait until next spring for a trip to Keukenhof and took a drive to Noordwijkerhout to check out the tulip fields as far as my eyes can see. It was a bit chilly in the late afternoon (14 degrees Celsius) but I had a nice walk along the tulips and catching some fresh air. I hope to come back here again next year and take a bicycle ride along a few kilometers of tulips and other flowers that are grown in this area.