Tuk Tuk at the night market

There’s plenty of Tuk Tuk around the corner of Luang Prabang Night Market for those that bought plenty or don’t feel like walking back to the hotel or guest house after a few drinks after dinner. I took a Tuk Tuk a few times since I was traveling alone and my safety was the number one priority. I was told of a few purse snatching stories, usually targeted at a “lone traveler” and was advised not to walk back to a guest house late at night alone on certain streets.

Why take a risk when it’s only 5,000 for a Tuk Tuk ride back to my guest house late at night? I usually paid double for ride in town, giving extra tip because I know it’s not easy for them to make a living these days with fierce competitions and strict rules they have to follow.

Google Maps – Tuk Tuks at Night Market Luang Prabang

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