While the youtube land and the rest of the blog sphere were buzzing about UCLA girl and her rant on “Asians in the library” on Monday, an angry mob was forming on Facebook over a video posted by a student, from Thammasat University.

When I accessed FB on Monday, I found several messages by my friends referring to a TU110 [2/2010]ล๊าวลาว video that was uploaded to youtube, which received many angry comments from Lao Facebook users. The video link from youtube was deleted after getting a number of furious remarks from Lao youtubers and request from Thai youtubers for the sake of keeping peace between the two nations.

I found a copy of the video posted by a friend of a friend later yesterday. It wasn’t long before I found another FB user, who re-uploaded the same video and thanks to the power of Facebook, the news of the video has been spreading like wild fire over the internet.

Today, I found another youtuber re-uploaded the video and it has been receiving almost a 1,000 views already. The content of the video is about the word “Lao”, which has a negative connotation.

Please view the video entirely before forming your own judgement.

The title of the video, TU110 refers to TU 110 Integrated Humanities, so one can presume the video is a project or an assignment for the course.

No matter what you may think of the video. One thing is for sure, it’s time for a serious discussion and education so this negative stereotyping will no longer exist in the majority of the population. We are neighbors and we need to learn to respect if not love one another.