After the Morning Alms Giving (Alms Offering), it was back to the house and time to chill for awhile. Since I only ate a few bites at Wat Houaylao I was hungry and ate a dragon fruit while waiting to go to lunch. Aa Tou decided to make some Vietnamese rice so I can try it. This is the recipe that she grew up with and how her mother was able to feed them during the hard times growing up.


We were invited by Aunt Phone’s brother a lunch at Ban Phonsikhay. They wanted to know what I wanted to eat and since I don’t like to eat meat we would then dine on Goy Pa. It was so warm and humid by noon time and we headed toward Ban Phonsikhay to help with making lunch.

It was a nice meal and after lunch I went to a neighbor’s house to check out the herbal medicine drying on a rack. This old lady makes this Ya Lao and sells them in the US via her relatives. Later I went looking for some water buffaloes. I saw a few of them the first time I was at Ban Phonsikhay and want to catch them playing in the mud. Of course I scared one away, the poor thing saw me coming and ran away. At least I was able to capture some beautiful images of the clouds. If we didn’t have to leave I would have found a good spot to take an afternoon nap.