I was generous enough to my boyfriend and shared the flu virus with him. I did tell him to stay away from me but he said my germs are weak (hahaha). The poor man didn’t go to work for three days last week because he was at the high point of the sickness. The doctor did his best to help Johan to get more air in his system and gave him prescribed nasal spray. It must be really strong since I can’t buy that kind over the counter. Perhaps I should have gone and see the doctor too. Let’s hope Johan doesn’t give me back the flu virus again.

On a lighter note, I started to feel 75% better yesterday. As of today I can reach 80% by the end of the day. When I am 100% back I will start to do my daily stretch again and some light work out. I tried to do the ususal stretch and exercise on Friday but had to slow down a bit because I felt so weak. It’s a bit frustrating even doing something simple as washing dishes or cooking could make me so tired.

Why can’t we (human beings) be more resistance to simple germs. Wait germs are more complex and tougher than we are. Even when all of us are gone, they will still create more colonies and rule the universe.

When I get sick, I tend to think more and the more I think, the more headache I get. I feel glad though that I don’t have any children. When you have kids, being sick doesn’t give you an excuse from parental duties. When you are just a student or a typical worker, you can take a sick day.

I am ready for school tomorrow. I have a presentation to give and hope to be able to talk without coughing. Just two more weeks and it will be Finals time and then a few weeks of vacation (whoohooo). Thanksgiving is next Thursday. I will be here and will make the best of it.