I was out and walking around Rotterdam, looking for a birthday gift and ran into a herd of elephants all over town. No, they are not live elephants but unique statues as part of the Elephant Parade exhibition in Rotterdam. I read something about the event a few months ago in a Dutch newspaper. I didn’t understand much of what the article was about, but I paid close attention to the dates of the exhibition. After months of waiting I can finally start my elephant tracking mission and will capture them on camera for you to see.

The first one I found was Elvis Elephant, right by Bijenkorf department store.

elephant parade Rotterdam

elephant parade Rotterdam

I found more elephants later at Beurs Plein shopping center.

elephant parade Rotterdam

I like this elephant by Beurs World Trade Center. Too bad it’s not made of real silver.

elephant parade Rotterdam

elephant parade Rotterdam

Please visit Lao Voices Gallery for more photos of Elephant Parade Rotterdam. I’ll upload the rest of the pictures there in the Netherlands album.



  1. This is very nice Darly, thanks for taking the photos; some look like they’re doing a 360-degree photo shoot, real cute. 😀

  2. Hi Nye,

    You are much welcome. I hope to find more of them this weekend. It’s really fun walking around trying to find the elephants. I should get a map of their locations but that wouldn’t be as much fun.

    They sell the miniature versions of the elephants at Bijenkorf department store. I didn’t check the price but I bet it’s not cheap on my student’s budget.

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