I was doing some shopping in China Town part of Rotterdam and ran into more elephants from the Elephants Parade Rotterdam last Saturday. Some of them are so colorful and would make quite a scene at someone’s garden. Too bad I am not a millionaire with my own private park so I can collect the entire Elephants Parade Rotterdam for family members and friends to enjoy.

elephant parade Rotterdam

This elephant is hot all around.

elephant parade Rotterdam

elephant parade Rotterdam

I just adore the Happy elephant and the busy Bee elephant.

elephant parade Rotterdam

elephant parade Rotterdam

Please visit Lao Voices Gallery for more photos of the Elephant Parade Rotterdam.



  1. Darly, can you tell if they’re Asian or African elephants by their ears or they just about average (small ears are Asian elephants, and large ears are African elephants). I love the baby elephant, good to have in the yard, I think, might not want to give my neighbor a heart attack yet. 😛

  2. Hi Nye,

    The goal of Elephant Parade Rotterdam is to “support the world’s first elephant hospital in Thailand” so I would say these are Asian elephants.

    I will take some photos of the miniature version of them at the Bijenkorf Mall this weekend if I am in the area. Maybe I can get a tiny one for Christmas. 🙂

    I would love to visit this elephant hospital in Thailand in the future. Maybe they can build one in Laos too.

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