The Dutch love their plants and flowers to such a degree that a the average living room will have a few plants and flower pots and will resemble a tropical junle than a typical European home. They would grow plants and flowers on any available spot if they could. If you walk around on the streets like in Leiden for example, you’ll find plants in pots or in a tiny spot of dirt blending in with the building. This is the houses at the back of Leiden Law School.

Houses on the same street as Leiden Law School, a few meters down from Hortus Botanicus (university botanical garden).

This wall climbing plant looks similar to the one my father grows in our garden back home. I don’t know what it is but he eats the flower with pon pa.

Even I have caught this Dutch symptom and have three huge plants in my living room and two aloe vera pots. I used to have four or five flowering plants on the window ledge but they gave me a headache during spring time that I had to let them go.