After dining on sashimi and summer oysters at Hotel New York Restaurant, we went to see the Dark Knight at Pathé De Kuip. The movie theather is in an area with other attractions such as the football stadium De Kuip and the Ahoy Halls. This area is about 10 minutes by metro from Hotel New York Rotterdam.

We drove there and took us awhile to pay for parking. Over here you have to pay for parking at just about anywhere you go and it is either pay by the hour or by minutes. At Pathé De Kuip it is 50 Euro cents for every 23 minutes. The parking meter only takes Chip Knip payment or a credit card. Chip Knip is a payment feature on your bank card that you can load a certain amount of money from your bank card (debit card) to the Chip Knip part. It is a “must have” feature on the bank card that I can’t live without. To pay for copy card at my university for example required a Chip Knip. Same goes as trying to buy a cup of tea or a bottle of water from the vending machine at the the university.

Anyway by the time we got inside the theater and printed out the prepaid tickets it was too crowded to find a seat at the back rows. We found two seats in the middle section but decided to go to the last row when I saw two emptied seats. It turned out that only one seat was available since the other seat was reserved for someone. There was another empty seat available two seats down from me we sat through the movie in different spots. I have no problem with going to the movie by myself or eat by myself so this was not an issue to me.

The Dark Knight is one of the best movies I have seen in recent years. It was worth the ticket (almost 10 Euro) and I can’t wait to get it on DVD. This is movie to please the men and women, well for those that like the Batman comic character.