I took a city trip to Cologne, Germany last month and spent three days doing the typical tourist things next to finding good eats. You know I love to eat Lao food and green papaya salad is one of my favorite Lao dish so wherever I go I would try to find a Lao or Thai restaurant to sample a plate or two of salad. While I was walking around in the Old Town, Cologne, I saw Nakhon Thai Restaurant with Thai and Lao Cuisine sign by the entrance.

You can pretty much guess what I ordered for lunch that day. It was no other than green papaya salad and sate kai or chicken satay. The waiter asked me if I would like to have Pla Ra or raw Padek in my green papaya salad and I was in such an adventurous mood and took up on his offer, minus the garlic and MSG. What is my verdict? The food was delicious and if I am ever in Cologne again I will try other dishes on their menu like Thai fondue and laap kai with sticky rice.