Tapioca Pearl Dumpling with pork stuffing or Sakoo Sai Moo for lunch in Vientiane. It makes a great snack or a meal. Just a few balls with vegetables and herbs and it’s enough for me until dinner time.

sakoo yat sai

sakoo yat sai

sakoo yat sai

I tried making Sakoo Sai Moo in the Netherlands after asking my aunt in Pakse how to make it. Let’s just say it didn’t go too well, just like my attempt to make Miang Muang Luang, which turned out too greasy for my taste.


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  1. Not that bad for the first attempt !!! ;))))
    This reminds a grandma when i help her to made that 😉
    She did with the bayteuil tapioca pearl which came out not that bad too.
    the most important is how u prepare the meat&seasoning inside :p

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