At the moment, it is cotton fruit season in Laos. We tend to eat things according to season. For today, it is Spicy Cotton Fruit Salad (Tam Mak Tong; ຕຳຫມາກຕ້ອງ) for afternoon snack in Vientiane, Laos.

mak tong

It is made the same way as Lao Green Papaya Salad (Tam Mak Hoong) and only substitute shredded papaya with shredded Cotton Fruit.

cotton fruit

Cotton Fruit has a sour and bitter (ສົ້ມຝາດ) taste. I have never eaten Spicy Cotton Fruit Salad before, only in pickled form or dip the fruit in salt or Fermented Fish Dip (Jeow Padaek Wan) as a little kid living in Laos.

spicy cotton fruit salad

I would have to visit Laos during this time of year to be able to taste this salad.


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  1. This is my sister’s favorite dish. We were in Laos in Feb of this year. Sadly she did not get to eat this fruit fresh. Wrong season. She had a fond memory of the fruit and remembered eating this as a child 30 years ago.

    Thank you for sharing!

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