After making offering and praying session at Wat Si Muang, we went to Talat Sao (Morning Market) for some shopping. I wanted to make a few sinh (Lao Silk Skirt) for the trip to Pakse. It would be nice to be in my best silk for the first meeting with my Grand-Mama. I can also wear the skirts during Boun Loy Vanh and for visit to the many temples in Pakse.

I bought four sinh, two for myself, one for my youngest sister, and one for Aunt Kian as a gift. She knows how to sew and can make a Lao sinh in an hour and offered to make all the Sinh for my sister and I. Aunt Kian didn’t want any payment for sewing and the skirts so giving her choice of fine silk skirt fabric was a proper thing to do.

My cousin, Bay thought the prices for the Lao Silk Skirts were too high at Talat Sao and said she would like to buy one outside the market. We crossed the street and she found a few vendors selling Sinh on the side walk a few meters from the entrance to Talat Khuadin. I gave Bay $50.00 (worth about half a million Kip) as a gift so she can buy her choice of Sinh.